The BabboorKamme Seva Samithi, Bangalore

The BabboorKamme Seva Samithi (BKSS), Bangalore was established in the year 1934 (registered on 12-7-1934) by our community stalwarts, with the main aim of helping the BabboorKamme students and Community. In 1934 a small House was taken on rent in Visweshvarapuram and a Boys Hostel was started with only 14 students. To meet the day-to-day expenses of the Hostel,the students of the Hostel were going from house to house of the Donors to collect the money every month. Over a period of time the Management desired to construct a building of our own for the Hostel.

A site measuring 182 feet by 290 feet (The present site of the New Building Complex) was granted by the then Maharaj of Mysore Shri NalwadiKrishnaraja Wadiyar FREE OF COST on 31-8-1940. Foundation stone for the Hostel building was laid on 28-9-1940. Due to various reasons including requirement of very huge finance, the building was Inaugurated (after 11 years) in Oct 1951. The finances of the samithi started improving only after the commercial building was completed on 26th Jan 1991 and Samudaya Bhavana on 5-5-1994 .

The old Hostel building built during 1951 was more than 50 years old and had become very weak in strength and almost all the rooms were leaking. To demolish all the old buildings in the campus and to build all together a new complex with all modern facilities need crores of rupees.

To construct a new building the Management thought of Developer who can bear all the cost of construction and pay reasonable amount every month to BKSS, and in turn BKSS would give part of the landon Lease to the Developer for construction of commercial complex, with a condition that the developer should return the commercial complex building within 30 years. The above scheme was discussed in detail in a special General Body Meeting held on 1-6-2008 and the General Body approved the same .

As a result of this, Lease Deed with a Developer was signed on 26 Nov 2009 & Foundation Stone was laid on 27-8-2010. Due to very slow progress in construction, the Management cancelled the Lease Deed with the first Developer and entered in to a fresh Lease Deed with a new Developer on 6-11-2014 and the Hostel Administrative block and Community Hall was made ready in Oct 2015.

This New building was Inaugurated on Sunday the 25th Oct 2015 by Shri YedaneeruJagadguru Shri ShriKeshavananda Bharathi Swamigalu.

This New Building can accommodate up to 50 students, with a Library Hall, TV Longue, Indoor Games facilities,…etc. The Hostel has well equipped Kitchen and a spacious Dining Hall. The Hostel provides Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for students. Free Boarding and Lodging is provided for BABBOOR KAMME COMMUNITY STUDENTS and as a practice vacant seats are allotted to other brahmin community students on payment basis. The Hostel Management encourages students to take part in sports and cultural activities.

Girls Hostel, Jayanagar, Bangalore: Sri M.V.Devaraiah an active Member of the Samithi donated his House in Jayanagar 5th Block for Girls Hostel and Registered it on 8-7-2002. This House is in a prime locality on a site measuring 40ft by 60ft. Mr Devariah desired that the house to be used for Ladies Hostel in the name of his Wife Smt. Sharadamma. Ladies Hostel was started on 8-6-2006 after converting the house to suit the requirements of Ladies Hostel with due importance given to security of the students. At present 20 students are housed in this Hostel having reasonably good facilities. Ladies who belong to BabboorKamme Community are admitted to this Hostel and are provided with FREE Boarding and Lodging. Other Brahmin Ladies are admitted on payment basis Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are provided.

With improved Finances of the Samithi, the Management is considering the possibilities of constructing a new building for Ladies Hostel, with all the modern facilities, in the same site.

The Samithi is extending various other support programs for students, senior citizens and for the needy persons of our community like, Scholarship for Students (from SSLC to Ph.D), Pratibha Puraskara to meritorious students, Monthly Pensions to Elderly needy persons, Assistance to Mentally and Physically Challenged persons, Assistance during cremation, Honouring our community people – for those who have completed 50 years of married life, Senior citizens who have completed the age of 90 years & above. Young couple who have married in the calendar year & those who have achieved fame in their fields under various categories (Like Education, Social Work, Fine Arts, Science, Technical, Medical, and Sports) are also honoured. The BKSS has published a book on the life and achievements of around 200 prominent personalities of our community.

Over the years the BabboorKamme Seva Samithi, Bangalore has expanded and now has superb infrastructure facilities in terms of hostels, community hall, own commercial building to support the hostel services to the students and community activities. All these have happened because of the support & generosity of our members, and they are the Real Pillars and Architects of our Samithi.

Babboorkamme Seva Samithi (BKSS), Bangalore Milestones

12th July 1934

The BabboorKamme Seva Samithi, Bangalore was established by our community stalwarts. Started Hostel at Vishveshwarapuram with 14 students in a rented Building.

31st Aug 1940

Land/site (182 ft X 290 ft site) donated by Maharaja H.H. Sri. Nalvadi Krishna Raja Wadiyar

29th Sep 1940

Foundation stone laid for Boys Hostel

1st Oct 1951

Completed Boys Hostel Building

1st Oct 1963

Ravindra Sangha started


Only 28 Life members


Silver Jubliee Celebration


517 Members

1st Oct 1987

Started Kshema Samachara an in house magazine. Started Prathibha Puraskar and hounouring Centenarians.

26th Jan 1991

Completed Commercial Complex, monthly Rs 18,735/- rental income started. Started Balagalkoota in a new system


Completed Ist floor, Inaugurated on 26/01/1991 by Sri Sri Sri Abhinava Vidya Thertha Swamiji Jagadaguru of Sringeri mutt & KK Murthy chairman BDA chief guest released .

5th May 1994

Keshavananada Bharathi Swamiji of Yedaneeru Mutt laid foundation for Samudaya Bhavana and Sharada Devi Temple.

1st June 1997

A convention of all BKSS Samithis of Hassan, Mysore,Bhadravathi in our BKSS premises was held.


Renovated Dinning Hall .


Smt Sharadamma & M V Devaraiah donated their building measuring 40 ft X 60 ft site at Jayanagar Vth Block, Bangalore.

8thJune 2006

Girls Hostel at Jayanagar was started. Free Calenders to all members started.

1stJune 2008

Special General Body gave unanimons approval for constructing of new commercial complex and new building for our hostel, Mini Hall and Samudaya Bhavana.

16thOct 2011

Resolved to celebrate Shankar Jayanthi regularly by starting an endowment.

8thJan 2012

Started Honouring 50 years couples.

25thOct 2015

Present new Hostel & Samudaya Bhavana was inaugurated by Shri Yedaneeru Jagadguru Shri Shri Keshavananda Bharathi Swamigalu. A commemorative volume Amrutha Mahotsava Smarana Sanchike and Babboorkame Prathibha Sampannaru book also released

10thFeb 2018

Scholarship & Prathibha Puraskar amount to student increased.

Oct 2018

New Commercial Complex Building will be inaugurated in Oct 2018.

Babboorkamme Bhavana - Our Commercial Complex

Babboorkamme Samudaya Bhavana