Welcome to our Matrimony Portal

This Matrimony portal is developed & Maintained by The Babboorkamme Seva Samithi (R), Bangalore and this platform serves to ALL SECTIONS OF BRAHMIN COMMUNITY. The main objective of this Matrimony Website//platform is to mainly help our Brahmin community.

We collect nominal fee of Rs.500 /= per year to provide premium service to our members. The fee received for membership will be used mainly for maintenance of this site and remaining amount will be used for charity purpose. The portal will provide a reliable, authentic, Secure and easy to use in finding a suitable Life Partner.The safety and security of our registered members is of paramount importance to us. We follow stringent confidentiality measures to safeguard the privacy of our members. As a registered member you are provided with complete control to manage and protect your privacy.

How to use

  • Fill in the details to Register.
  • Login to Create a profile by filling all the fields and make a payment
  • Once approved, find a suitable profile and you can contact the member directly or send the message.
  • Our Woking hours is between 10.30 am to 4.30pm on week days Monday to Saturday.
  • In case you find any profiles with incorrect data please notify us.
  • Please inform us if you get your life partner from this portal.
  • Any suggestions are always welcome.


  • To become a member, you should belong Brahmin community.
  • All details are mandatory along with a suitable photo. Without photo, profile will not get activated.
  • Registration fee of Rs. 500 /= per year is mandatory with no additional costs.
  • To ensure the genuineness of profiles we have Mobile phone number authentications. Your profile will be activated once mobile number is verified.
  • Once the authenticity of the profile and application is checked, it will take max 1-2 working days to activate your profile.
  • Profile will be automatically deactivated after 1 year unless renewed.

"Marriages are made in Heaven and
Consummated on Earth"